When damage occurs, you want the most experienced professionals on the scene. Water, mould and soot can affect areas that are not easy to see. We strongly discourage relying on a quick fix or do it yourself approach. Our experience in business and home damage projects will help you restore your property quickly to its original state.
We offer you 24 hour emergency service so we can remedy your situation quickly and minimise further damage and expense.

  • 24 Hour Flood and Water Damage

  • Structural Drying

  • Fire and Soot

  • Bio Hazard

  • Mould Remediation and Removal

  • Mould Inspections - Pre and Post Sampling

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What You Should Do First If You Have Flooding Or Water Damage

  1. First step is to try and stop the source of the water damage

  2. Remove any electrical appliance on the floor or wet carpet if safe to do so

  3. Make sure that any hard surface area that is wet is made safe for walking on, for example place towels etc and alleviate a slipping hazard

  4. If you are insured make contact with your insurer to advise what has happened

  5. Contact Accredited Cleaning & Pest Solutions and we will work hand in hand with your insurance company to get you back to normal as soon as possible

  6. If you are renting please contact your property manager immediately and advise them what has happened

  7. As a homeowner contact Accredited Cleaning & Pest Solutions immediately 24/7. We will guide you through our process prior to arriving at your home.  Have your insurance contact number and policy number available and ready to start the restoration process

  8. In the interim you can mop up and towel dry the floors or carpets as best you can

  9. Remove any furniture on wet carpets as this will cause the furniture to stain your carpets and this is irreversible

What you should NOT DO

  1. Do not use any electrical appliances on your floors and carpets if they are still wet

  2. Do not remove any carpet without professional help. This can cause the carpet to shrink which is not repairable

  3. Do not use your vacuum cleaner

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24 Hr Flood And Water Damage Restoration

When water damage occurs, rely on us to provide immediate assistance before the problem gets worse. We use structural drying techniques, recommended in the industry, because it stops damage from spreading better than any other method.  We make it easier for you and can bill your claim directly with your insurance provider. Our certified restoration team is here to help 24/7.

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Mould Remediation And Removal

Mould can be a problem especially in our climate. Mould grows back within 48 hours if the correct removal process is not used. Some mould is visible but other times you may only smell it before you see it appear on surfaces around your home or workplace. Mould can be a serious health risk if left unattended. We can provide moisture testing, mould inspections, treatment recommendations, and pre and post sampling.

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